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  • WOD 090812: Team EVA

    WOD 090812: Team EVA

    Today we wanted to do the benchmark EVA but with two and three person teams.  We had Vicky visit us from CrossFit 908 and she really killed it with Amber!  Nice job folks! Team WOD EVA 5 Rounds for Time 800m Run 30 KB Swings (32/24) 30 Kipping Pullups

  • WOD 082912: Just 2 Rounds

    WOD 082912: Just 2 Rounds

    Today we did a FGB style workout with only two rounds instead of three.  For these types of workouts it is important to make sure that you go into it with a strategy if you want to maximize your score! Strength Front Squats 5-5-5 Sets Across WOD 2 Rounds 1 minute @ Each Station Front

  • WOD 081612: Wallball Kalsu

    WOD 081612: Wallball Kalsu

    Today we did a variation of a challenging CrossFit Benchmark Kalsu by doing wallballs instead.  We also did some skill work with Kipping Pullups and Butterfly Pullups.  Nice job by Dave, Chris Wallace, Alla, Corine, Gordon, Steve K. for getting their first Kipping Pullups!  Nice job guys! Skill Work 10 Minutes Kipping Pullups or Butterfly

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