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Workout of the day.

  • WOD 100511: Deadlifts!

    WOD 100511: Deadlifts!

    The Deadlift was the main focus on Wednesday’s workout followed by a quick and fun bottom to bottom TABATA Squats. During the Deadlifts our members not only focused on getting a three rep max, but also worked on fixing their form. The highest weight 405lb by Patrick and Topper scored 15 reps in the TABATA

  • WOD 100411: 4 Rounds For Time

    WOD 100411: 4 Rounds For Time

    Today we welcomed Nick Wendowski for his first official WOD at CrossFit Novem!  Even though he sustained a slight injury during the WOD he completed with flying colors.  Great job Nick!  During the skill portion, Patrick and Colin both strung together 13 kipping Toes to Bar.  Great job guys! WOD 4 Rounds for time 10

  • Cindy


    IT’S OFFICIAL! Patrick set the high mark in the morning with 22+ rounds, while Colin did the entire workout with a 30lb vest!  In the evening Nick V. did his first “Cindy” Rx with a solid score of 11+ rounds.  Awesome job Nick! Special shout out goes to the two full on-ramp classes who battled

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